Organic agricultural production in India

With increased collaboration between the central and the state governments, Indian farmers are finding the practice of organic farming more lucrative than before.

A vernacular newspaper recently reported that government in the form of 100 percent subsidy will supply organic seeds to the farmers. It will also provide necessary training and support poor farmers financially. Moreover, it will also assist farmers in sale of their produce locally and internationally.

Existing organic farmers’ produce are mainly exported, but keeping in mind the problems with conventional farming, the government has decided to encourage these farmers to switch to organic farming.

Several health studies have reported that conventional farming leads to soil degradation, and excessive use of pesticides and harmful chemicals have adverse health effects. To avoid these unsustainable practices, the government believes organic farming is the only solution.

I am sure that this will change the perceptions of international buyers, especially in Europe. India will most likely become the most favoured supplier of organic food to health and quality conscious buyers globally.

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