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At Agrotray Global we embrace simplicity starting from interacting with clients, procuring products, adding value to product and make it presentable as per international standards, till knowing clients are happy with our product delivery.

Deepak Shinday
Founder Agrotray

Agrotray Global takes pride in announcing that we are open for partnership with wholesalers, distributors, manufacturing companies in food sector. In a partnership both the parties have certain expectations and we admit that we are a good listener. At the same time we share our expectation as to grow in the industry and that is all. Our policies and working style is flexible which we believe is favorable for anyone who is interested in partnering with Agrotray Global.

Processes and organization are the DNA of a business. Our team of professionals are well experienced in their respective fields of operations. Every member of our team is seriously process oriented and follows guidelines set. In return our management praise and recognize our people for their teamwork. They not only discuss problems but collaboratively find out solutions. This all will ensure that our commitment to you vis-à-vis our partnership never takes a back seat.

Although we are currently located in state of Maharashtra in India but we offer you to be available all over India for our business requirement.

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